Employee Parking

Beginning Fall 2022, all employees will be required to purchase a parking permit to park on campus.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your new parking permit for the 2022/2023 year will reflect fiscal year 2020/2021 and an expiration date of August 15, 2021, but is valid for the 2022/23 year. (Until August 13, 2023)


All employees are required to purchase a parking permit to park on any campus. 

Student and STNC/Professional Expert Employees (Student lots only)

  • All STNC/Professional Expert Employees must purchase a student permit at $10 per month, please call 707-527-4973 or go to the Accounting Office in Bailey Hall.
    • Not eligible for payroll deduction
  • Student Employees may purchase a student permit during their registration process

Faculty and Staff Parking Permits

  • Contract Faculty or Associate Faculty (67.1% or greater) = $120 a year
  • Associate Faculty (67% or less) = $60 a year
  • Classified Staff or Management greater than .50 FTE (more than 20 hours per week) =$120 a year
  • Classified Staff or Management .50 FTE or less (20 hours or less per week) = $60 a year

Motorcycle permits are $10 for the year or free with a purchase of an annual permit. 

To Request An Employee Permit

Payroll Deduction (strictly online):
  • Complete the Online Parking Payroll Deduction Form 
    • This link will close after January 31st and will not reopen until Summer
    • You will need your Employee ID Number
    • Only applicable for Classified and Faculty Employees
  • Payments will be prorated over 2 to 4 months at $30 per month
  • Permits will only be mailed
  • If you did this last year, you must do it again to continue doing payroll deduction
Pay In Person at the Accounting Office in Bailey Hall
  • Can pay by cash, check or credit card (no AMEX)
  • A form will be required to fill out
    • Have your Employee ID Number ready
  • Please visit us BEFORE the start of Fall Semester to avoid the lines

*Permits must be displayed by the first day of Fall Semester.*

Staff Parking Lots:

Employee Parking is based on a seniority system. Reserved parking permits are issued on space availability. All new employees are initially assigned to lot C.* Click here for current staff parking lot designation. * You may request assignment to an alternate lot; you will be placed on a waiting list based on your date of hire. Reassignment occurs when spaces are vacated due to separation of employment, retirement, etc. There is no way to predict how long you will be on the wait list. If you wish to be assigned to an alternate lot complete that section of the form in its entirety to ensure accuracy of the waiting list. This must be done every year. To find out where this list is currently at, please send an email to Natalia: nslasten@santarosa.edu

Staff Lot Parking Map

Volunteer/Guest Parking Permit 

  • Volunteer - A Volunteer Parking Permit Request for contractors, community consultants, service vendors, and volunteer instructional assistants or other volunteers can be found by clicking the Volunteer Parking Permit Request Form. Authorized signature from Dean/Chair is required.
  • Guest/Visitor/Courtesy - For any guest/visitors visiting for the day, here for special events, or need a specialized permit, staff can click here to request one from District Police directly.
    • If you are the guest/visitor in need of a permit, please contact the person you are coordinating with or their department for your request.
      • For short term visitors, some departments have 30 Minute Visitor Parking available. Please verify with the department.

 Campus Maps can be found here.