Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

 Q: I am a California resident, but I’ve been charged a non-resident tuition fee. Why?
A: An error may have been made when you completed your application. It is possible that you have failed to meet California residency criteria – residing in California for one year and one day by the first day of term. Please contact the Admissions and Records Office.

  Q: I am a high school student who has authorization to concurrently enroll at Santa Rosa Junior College. Do I need to pay enrollment fees? If not, what do I need to pay?
A: High school students are exempt from paying enrollment fees at Santa Rosa Junior College. You would still need to pay for the student health fee, student representation fee, transportation fee and any applicable instructional material or optional fees.

 Q: What if my employer or a third party pays for my fees/tuition?
A: Please submit your fee voucher to the Accounting Office.

 Q: What if I have a scholarship that pays for my fees/tuition?
A: Please contact the Scholarship office to facilitate the handling of your scholarship.

 Q: I have a California College Promise Grant (formerly known as Board of Governor’s fee waiver), why do I still have fees?
A: The approved grant (formerly BOGW) exempts you from paying enrollment fees, but you are still responsible for health service, transportation, student center, optional, and any materials fees.

 Q: Is the California College Promise Grant (formerly known as Board of Governor’s fee waiver) automatically renewed in the new academic year?
A: No, you must reapply for the Promise Grant (formerly known as BOGW) in the summer to qualify for the new academic year because the waiver is based on current income information.

  Q: Can I pay for my fees in installments?
A: Yes. SRJC offers installment payment plan options to students with a good financial history with the school. You will make three payments during the semester. This is only applicable for one semester of enrollment fees and fees associated with enrollment. We do not do payment plan options for amounts less than $50.  For more information, visit the Accounting Office, or call 707.527.4973.

  Q: What happens if I register for a class and subsequently stop attending?
A: You will remain officially enrolled in the class and the instructor may submit a withdrawal indicating your last day of attendance, or may issue you a failing grade. You will be responsible for the fee obligation.

 Q: Will I receive a bill for my fees?
A: The SRJC does not mail out billing statements. It is your responsibility to review your fee balance online or inquire in person.

  Q: Where are students authorized to park with a valid student parking permit?
A: With a valid student parking permit, students are permitted to park in any student parking lot on the campus. However, you are not authorized to park in any staff or non designated parking space or park in a space designated for handicapped parking without a valid disabled person parking placard or license plate.  

 Q: Can I get a transcript of my grades even though I owe money to the college?
A: No. In fact, you may be denied access to any and all college services until your account is fully paid.

 Q: I just received a notice from my bank that a check I made out to SRJC bounced. What should I do?
A: Immediately contact the Accounting Office and make arrangements to redeem your account by paying in cash or credit card.  This could result in a $10 returned item charge as well as a suspension of your check writing privileges at SRJC.

 Q: What is the drop deadline for refund of enrollment, basic and tuition fees?
A: The drop deadline for a refund or credit of tuition and fees varies for each class. To view last refund dates or drop deadlines: Log in to MyPortal and click "View Your Class Schedule" under the "Students" tab. More refund information is available on the Accounting Office Refunds Deadlines page.

 Q: How do I obtain a refund that is due to me?
A: To receive a full refund, you must first drop all of your unwanted classes by the deadline. A refund will usually be automatically processed to the payment type used to pay for the class.

 Q: How soon after I drop my class(es) will I receive my refund?
A: Refunds for payments made by cash or check are processed every two weeks.  Refunded for credit card payments are usually credited directly to the credit card,however, there are times when a check refund will be processed.

If you have additional questions, please contact one of our Accounting Staff